We are really concerned about the fact that there are a lot of people who are struggling with financial difficulties at the moment. There are lots of things that we can see that people struggle with and we want to change that. We want to make sure that everyone has the right knowledge, so that when they are making financial decisions, they make the ones that are best for them. It is not easy to teach finance because everyone has different situations that they need to resolve. The fact that most of us have had no basic teaching in it either, means that it is even more difficult. However, it is never to late to learn and we hope that the information that we have put together will be a good start. We have some practical articles which have useful tips that we hope will help people to start thinking harder about their money. We want them to be able to feel more confident and make decision which positively benefit them so that they have more money to spend on the things that they enjoy or have plenty to put in a savings account or invest. This financial freedom is a fantastic thing to have and knowing how to get there means that everyone has a chance of reaching it.