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Melin Bompren at St Fagans

View of the mill


Melin Bompren was built in 1852-53 near New Quay in Ceredigion. At one end of the mill is a two-storeyed kiln which was used for drying oats; necessary due to the damp climate. It is powered by an iron overshot waterwheel which drives two pairs of millstones: a pair of Welsh stones for milling oats, barley or animal feed, and a pair of harder French burrstones for milling wheat to make flour for breadmaking. A sack hoist, driven off the waterwheel, is used to lift sacks of corn to the top floor for storage. The oak axle was formerly the upright shaft of the windmill which once stood at New Quay, and which was demolished in 1852.

The mill ceased operating in 1957 and was dismantled and moved to St Fagans in 1970. It was re-erected and opened to the public in 1977 and is now fully operational and flour is on sale in the mill.


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