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Dreifa Mills, Cwm Morgan

Dreifa Mill and restored 20ft waterwheel


Dreifa Mills was built in 1880 as a woollen mill. It has two 20 ft overshot wheels which drove the mill machinery and a DC dynamo for lighting, the dynamo being under the control of the millerís wife via a lever in the parlour.

At present the restored wheel drives a wood saw and the dynamo. The original woollen machinery was scrapped by a previous owner. Water comes via a quarter mile leat cut into the solid rock in places. At the time of writing the present owner is in negotiation with the Environment Agency regarding how much water to use in the summer months.

Water-powered bandsaw, dynamo, and controls



The Mill may be visited by prior arrangement; contact Mike Godsell on 01239 698 314

Access: The mill is 300m up a rough rutted track unsuitable for cars with low suspension, and which may be quite muddy. Parking in Cwm Morgan village may be possible but it is very limited. Generally, roads in the area are single track with short steep gradients and tight bends.

Location: The Mill is in the upper reaches of the legendary steep sided valley of the Cych (*), adjoining Cwm Morgan village [SN 348 295], in Carmarthenshire. The Carms/Pembs boundary runs midstream along the Cych for its entire length. The relevant Ordnance Survey maps are Landranger Sheet 145 and Explorer Sheet 185. The mill cannot be seen from any position on the public road network.

Around the Cych and its tributaries a large number of historic mills are recorded in the Coflein database. Although most have disappeared, a fair number survive in some form or other, and several restoration projects are in progress in the vicinity of Cwm Morgan.

Mills of interest locally: The turbine on the Clynfyw estate is being renovated. Lan Cych mansion was sold to a property developer.

Pont Cych mill, just upstream from the Fox & Hounds, beside the road, was gutted and has no machinery, but the leat is intact.

Further up the valley is Godremamog mill, which was fed from a complicated leat which used either the Mamog or the Cych to supply water. Attempts are in progress to waterproof the section of leat that runs behind and above the mill building. Above Godremamog are a sculpture workshop, and a 200 year old leat that has been excavated and repaired. Despite much trouble with the Environment Agency, a recently built a replica of a cross flow turbine stored at Dreifa mills should be running sometime next year with luck.

In CwmMorgan village in the farmyard on the way to Dreifa mills there is a derelict water turbine driven saw mill. This was fed by the combined tailraces of CwmMorgan mill (just up the hill on the left, and being renovated) and Dreifa mills. At present the tailrace from Dreifa cuts back into the river before the village, but we intend to reinstate it once CwmMorgan mill is renovated.



(*)For example, the opening action of the tale 'Pwyll Prince of Dyfed' is set in Cwm Cych /Cuch.

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Dreifa Mills

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