How do I Cut Down my Utility Bills?

Everyone that has a home has to pay for utilities. This includes water, electricity and gas. These costs can add up but there are ways that you might be able to reduce the costs and it is well worth looking into them to see whether there is anything that you will be able to do that will enable you to save money. Even if you only save a bit each month, this can add up when you think of how much you can save in a year. There are different things that you can try out.

Compare Providers

The first thing to try is to compare different providers. This is potentially where you can make the most saving with electricity and gas. You will find that water will only have one local provider so you will not be able to switch them. However, with gas and electricity there are lots of different providers and the prices that they charge vary a lot. It can be a bit confusing because they will tend to charge in different ways and have different packages that you can sign up for. They will tend to charge a fixed fee per day and then an amount per unit that you use and this may change, perhaps more expensive for the first certain amount of units you use and then get cheaper as you use more. It could be the case that they offer fixed rates as well which will protect you from rate increased but you will be tied into a contract this way.

Therefore, it can be useful to get quotes form different places to try to estimate which will be the best for you to use. The reason it is just an estimate is that you get a quote base don your current or past energy usage and you have to assume you will use the same in the future. If you end up using more or less (probably due to whether there is a cold or warm winter) then this amount ill not be accurate. However, it is the best way to compare them really so, assume your usage will be the same and see who is the cheapest and hope that will still be true while you remain a customer. You can always check it regularly to be sure.


If you do not want to change suppliers because you like the one that you are with or you are worried that you will not get such good customer service or you just can’t be bothered with it all, then try to negotiate with your current supplier. It is a good idea to get a quote and then talk to them about the fact that you can get supplied cheaper elsewhere and can they offer you an incentive to stay as their customer. Some companies will be able to offer a discount and some will not but it is well worth negotiating.

Reduce Usage

Another way to save money is to use less. If you have a water meter than this will apply to water as well. If you do not have one, it is well worth calculating whether it would be worth you having one. There are calculators online which you can use to check. Reducing usage can be as simple as turning a tap off when brushing teeth, turning off lights and appliances when not using them and only heating the house when you are in it, rather than when you are out and not using it. There are lots of little changes you can make which will add up and help you to use less and therefore save money.

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