How to Budget for a Honeymoon

If you are planning a honeymoon then it could be tricky to think about how you will be able to afford it. Like all holidays, there will be costs that you will need to consider but you will also need to think about the fact that you will have the expenses from the wedding to pay for as well. This could make it even more tricky to cover the cost of the honeymoon and so you will need a good plan to make sure that you can achieve it.

Have a Honeymoon Later

It is worth considering whether it is worth having a honeymoon a bit later on. You could delay it and wait and save up. This may not seem so special to come people but it could make a big difference financially. It may even allow you to have a much better holiday as you will be able to afford to spend more money on it. It is good to think about the fact that the point of a honeymoon was for a couple to get to know each other after the wedding, but these days many people live together before getting married so they already know each other really well.

Start Saving Really Early

If you save up for longer then you will be able to afford a honeymoon. This means that you will need to start saving up as early as you can. You may also need to make sure that you really cut back so that you can save as much money as possible. This might seem very hard but you have to decide whether you feel that it is worth it so that you are able to get the honeymoon that you want. It is worth deciding which is most important and what you are prepared to sacrifice in order to have one. Each time that you are buying something you will need to think about whether it is necessary to have it and if not, whether you would rather buy it or go without it and put the money towards the honeymoon. Asking the question could make it a lot easier to save up and should help you not to make impulse purchases that you might regret later.

Incorporate it into the Wedding

It could possibly be cheaper if you incorporate the honeymoon into the wedding. So, you choose a location that you would like to spend some time at afterwards, this could be a nice country hotel, beach resort or a foreign country. It may be cheaper to do it this way, but it could be dearer so you will need to check out the costs to see whether it will make a difference.

Do not Make it Huge

It could be worth thinking about whether it might be better to have something on a small scale. Consider whether a weekend or short break could be enough. Also think about why you are having it. It might be traditional, but do you really need a holiday? Would it be sensible to think about whether you are only planning a honeymoon because you think that you have to have one? You might be better off going without and just saving the money and perhaps having one later. It is worth remembering that it used to be the bride‚Äôs parents that paid for the wedding so the couple would have money for a honeymoon as they had not paid out much for the wedding. These days it tends to be more likely to be the couple that pay for it themselves and so they have less money to pay for a honeymoon.  

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